“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

– Hippocrates

Specialised Nutrition for Pets

Would you like to be able to provide the best possible food for your animal?

With two separate professional pet nutrition certifications in dry food and raw food feeding, we are able to assist you in properly feeding your pet according to his or her own individual nutritional needs, as well as your preference and affordability.

A diet based on dry food

Premium, Super Premium, Holistic, Grain Free, Oven Baked….. are some of the categories of food now available in all Pet Shops. As if they weren’t confusing enough, new varieties are being added constantly in an attempt to improve quality as we are coming to terms with the fact that dry food is essentially a foreign food for the digestive systems of our dogs and cats. What are all these different foods and what are the differences between them? Which one of all is for your pet? Don’t despair. Once you’ve opted for dry food we can match the needs of your pet with the most suitable food for it.  

Natural nutrition and raw food

After many years of distribution and use in the US and the UK, natural nutrition, and more specifically, raw food, ie. BARF (BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE RAW FOOD), for dogs is now a reality in smaller countries as well. It’s use has spread exponentially in the last 5 years establishing its position in the market with many companies now making their own unique frozen product. Anything ‘new’, however, comes with many questions to which, fortunately, we can give valid answers.

Frequent questions

  • What exactly is this new “fad”?
  • How can I make it?
  • Is it a balanced diet?
  • Is it safe for my dog?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Why choose a natural diet for my dog?
  • How do I convert to a natural diet?
  • Is ready made frozen BARF ok for my dog?

The benefits of natural nutrition

The benefits of natural nutrition are now evident as more and more animals are fed the food they were born to eat. Animals that are fed naturally have:

  • More energy and vitality
  • Better digestion
  • Less allergies
  • Less inflammation
  • Better skin and hair
  • A healthy weight 
  • Bright eyes without constant tearing
  • Less faeces

If you choose to give your dog or cat a natural diet, either because you want to offer him or her what is rightfully theirs or as part of their recovery from a specific health problem, we are here to help you with any questions you may have. Together we can create a diet tailored to the specific needs of your animal as well as assist in the conversion from a dry food diet. In addition we will be there all the way supporting you along this important path.

Create a personalized eating plan for your animal and witness the difference!