“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Animal Communication

Intuitive communication is officially defined as brain-to-brain communication without the use of words. Intuitive or energetic communication with animals is a primitive, instinctive way of communicating that is innate to all beings since we are all born with this ability. In most of us it is just still “asleep” or inactive because of the overpowering influence of verbal communication. This way of communicating is also the preferred way of communication used by animals when communicating with each other and with humans.

Intuitive communication is used by animals for short and long distance communication, but is especially useful during activities in nature when visual contact is lost for long periods of time. In these cases the only way for complex communication is using energy. In our daily lives, if we are not open to this way of communicating, we lose a great deal of information and the ability to communicate directly with our animals. We also lose the ability to provide and offer as much as possible to them when they need it most.

Scientific support

Intuitive / energetic communication or otherwise known as telepathy has now been proven in very large and complex university research projects. You can read more here and here. Quantum physics, the most modern science of our time, has proved that everything around us, including ourselves, is made of the same building material, energy. If, then, all that exists is made of energy, then everything must also be interconnected and, therefore, mutually affected. There are no clear boundaries between us. 

How is it Done?

So if everything is energy and we are actually swimming in a sea of ​​energy, as quantum physics informs us, then direct communication with animals becomes possible. A connection is made to the energy footprint of the animal through specific meditation, thus enabling information to be received directly from the animal.

Why Do It?

The benefits are many. By communicating this way one avoids speculation. You don’t need to guess any more. You can actually know what is going on with your animals. The information is clear and straight from the source. This way of communicating leads to a better understanding of our animals and gives us the opportunity to offer exactly what they need when they need it.  This alone relieves a lot of stress from them because they feel heard and understood which results in a stronger connection and a stronger bond between you.